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Experimental Services Department

Agrochemical Tests

The high standards and experience together with technical expertise are the characteristics that make Agricola 2000 an important test facility and benchmark for all the companies operating in the field of phytosanitary products.

Agricola 2000 is one of the first companies which was acknowledged in 1996 by Agricultural Ministry as a CRO capable of carrying out official open field testing, finalized to the collection of effective data (Good Efficacy Practices) and to determine the extent of residues (Good Laboratory Practices) of the phytosanitary products, in line with the new European directives about the registration of pesticides and with the Minister of Health.
Periodically, Agricola 2000 is inspected by the Minister of Agriculture and Health. Know more
Agrochemical testing (GEP and GLP) developed not only in the crops of our territory (herbaceous, trees, mushroom cultivation and floriculture), but also in non-agricultural areas such as golf courses and industrial areas. Moreover, the synergy between the agronomic test division and the agrochemical one favors studies on the evaluation of the biological effectiveness on different pests in relation to agronomic performances of genetically enhanced crops.

Tests directed to the gathering of effective data (GEP) are conducted according to European guidelines EPPO, EWRS and CEB. These tests are performed in environments that are favourable to the growth of the “target pest” on the entire Italian territory. Experiments include the spectrum of efficacy of all pesticides that are on the market (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides etc.)

Studies that aim to determine the extent of residues (GLP), in addition to all the crops, include also the soil (probing up to 90 cm deep), waters and worker exposure to pesticides.
In particular the tests that are carried out refer to degradation and dissipation of pesticides in the soil and to accumulation and dissipation of organic matter in the soil.

In addition to efficacy tests (GEP) and residuals research (GLP), Agricola 2000 is certified for conducting Ecotoxicological tests on arthropods and non-target organisms as well as Agrarian Microbiology tests.

Agricola 2000 offers also complementary services such as Taint Test and Biological Dossier.

Thanks to specialized plot machines, the CRO can carry on with great care foliar applications for the control of Diabrotica virgifera and Ostrinia nubilalis in maize as well as sowing plot with the targeted distribution of granular and liquid pesticides in furrow. Read less