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  • Project and Research Department
  • Project and Research Department
  • Project and Research Department
  • Project and Research Department

Project and Research Department

National Projects

The experience gained through years of activity and the widespread presence on the territory make Agricola 2000 an important benchmark for the development of research projects, technology innovation projects and consulting. Agricola 2000, as a matter of fact, creates a link between public research bodies and private ones. Know more

AGEA controls

Since 1998 Agricola 2000 has cooperated with private companies for Objective Controls AGEA related to CAP contributions in keeping with regulations CE n° 796/2004 (referred to the application of the Management and Control integrated system SIGC).
Photo interpretation and conditionality controls are conducted with tested methodologies which ensure extreme accuracy of the measurements.

Agro energy

Agricola 2000 has always paid particular attention to Agro Energy as an opportunity to diversify production and to better use by-products and production waste.
In particular its activity is concentrated on studies on the feasibility of biogas plants and on the realization of dies for vegetal oil production for energetic purposes and dies for the utilization of by-products, production waste and water waste.

Die regional district

Agricola 2000 plays a vital role in the Milk District of Lombardy as it is the coordinator of each research and development activity for the innovation and internationalization of the companies of its network. The Milk District of Lombardy is a network of companies of the dairy industry in which are involved both producers and processing companies. Today it represents the 12% of the milk production in Lombardy and the 4% of the Italian milk.

Green consulting

Agricola 2000 is able to provide technical and professional assistance to Public Administration bodies, parks and privates. The services it provides include plants census and phytosanitary check-up, garden design and recover of degraded areas.
In particular we underline the importance of stability control of trees with V.T.A. methodology (Visual Tree Assessment) and Resistograph.

Training - Disclosure - Sector studies

The first professional training courses for technicians and agricultural operators started in 1984. Later on Agricola 2000 performed market studies, consulting for agro industries, and for biology companies certification.

Epidemiological monitoring

Agricola 2000 can provide its customers with several experts capable of carrying out epidemiological researches, company monitoring and technical assistance to face plant diseases and insects.


In order to increase the value of the rural system, Agricola 2000 aims at the recovery of the rural cultural and architectural heritage, so that it is possible to introduce and develop multifunctional social and economic activities in companies. Read less