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  • Seeds Trials & Services
  • Seeds Trials & Services
  • Seeds Trials & Services

Seeds Trials & Services

Agronomics and varietal tests

An articulated and dynamic experimental activity is essential to test several varieties of species in all climatic, environmental and weather conditions. Experimentation becomes necessary in order to precisely estimate the new genotypes' productivity and ability to adapt. Know more
Plant-environment interaction plays an important role in the development and growth of any vegetal specie. The selection of the place where to carry out the test is fundamental. For this reason our company has at its disposal several locations with different climate conditions in order to offer the environmental conditions to aid productivity, morphological features and adaptability of the cultivated plant variety.
In order to test vegetal materials at each stage of genetic selection, Agricola 2000 provides a control and analysis service on the new varieties, on the new fertilizers and new cultivation techniques. This service is realized with:
- Agronomical tests: they check the adaptability of the crops in the different cultivation conditions and techniques. I.e. fertilization tests, seeding density, irrigation, phytosanitary treatments.
- Varietal test: new varieties are compared to the best testers on the market and at the same time their productivity and qualities are tested considering the environment.
- Varietal Official Listing: assessments are carried out in order to gather morphological and agronomic information that are necessary to list each new hybrid or variety in the National Italian Register of Agricultural Species.
In each location meteorological data are recorded starting from the sowing up to the harvest in order to provide all the information needed to correctly understand the crops' performance. Read less

Genetic improvement and seed production services

Genetic improvement is the main source for varietal innovation and it makes possible to obtain new vegetal materials having more advantageous qualities and productivity. Know more
Agricola 2000 supports the companies that carry out genetic improvement in particular on herbaceous and horticultural cultivations, providing support in breeding.
Thanks to its great experience, Agricola 2000 can autonomously carry out each cultural operations: sowing, (open field and controlled environment) fecundation, harvest and germplasm conservation. The genetic material which results is harvested, desiccated, hulled, packaged and stocked in a controlled environment. Both the processes and the information collected are kept confidential.
Thanks to our know-how technique developed through the years, Agricola 2000 offers the competence and labour needed for the process of emasculation of corn and obtained the acknowledgement of 'seeds company' from Regione Lombardia.
Today Agricola offers to third parties the entire process of seed production, from seeding to emasculation, from seed processing to its packaging and it makes sure that the identity and purity of the hybrid are preserved. Read less


Machineries have been modified for plot tests and are constantly updated and checked. Together with technicians they provide a reliable and precise data collection service. Know more
Agricola 2000 owns several experimental equipments which have been modified in order to work with precision on every kind of cultivation in open field.
Agricola 2000 has at its disposal several harvesters, sowing machine and plot drillers, stoves for desiccation, tractors and shredders. Each machine is provided with gathering data systems. In order to work the land and for the production of hybrid seeds, Agricola 2000 purchased some traditional facilities such as six rows seeding machines (for seed-bearer line planting), drillers for male lines, sprayer machines and detasseling ones with cutting and pulling bars, pickers for spikes collecting.
The chain of hybrid seed production ends with the processing, which is done through winnowing, gravimetric table and the line of seed dressing and bagging. Read less